Ways to Reduce the Risk of Stroke in Older Adults

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Stroke in Older Adults

Stroke patients often need home health services for their recovery. But, as always, prevention is absolutely better than cure. So, here are top ways on how you can lessen the risks of stroke in your aging loved ones:

  • Encourage them to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

    A healthy diet for preventing stroke consists of foods that are low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat but high in fiber. At the same time, regular exercise does not only help prevent stroke but other health issues, too.

    A provider of senior care in North Carolina can assist your loved ones in preparing healthy meals and monitoring exercise routines.

  • Remind them to quit all vices.

    Do your loved ones smoke? Do they drink a lot of alcohol? Tell them to stop! These vices are only increasing the risks of a stroke. A companion sitter can help remind them about quitting these vices.

  • Know your loved ones’ risks.

    Those with a history of stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, or the like, are highly susceptible to having a stroke. It is important to know the risk factors of your loved ones so you can address them. Their doctors can shed light on these details.

Taking advantage of home health care in Charlotte, North Carolina can help your aging loved ones live in their homes safely, healthily, and comfortably. Contact Broadlight Health whenever you need our services.

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