Discover who we are and what we aim to do.
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Broadlight Health is a proud provider of home health care in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We consistently strive to cater to the unique healthcare needs of every individual. We are committed to helping you manage your condition and achieve optimal health through the various services we offer. Our healthcare professionals work closely with you, your families, and your physician to be able to give you the best care you deserve.

Along with our state-licensed medical professionals, we always see to it that we’re giving you comfort and convenience all throughout. Our commitment to our work is deeply rooted in our core values and our mission.

  • Our Mission

    Broadlight Health is dedicated to providing cost-effective, hands-on care to every individual who needs our help. Our goal is to unlock their optimum health potential and boost their recovery. With compassion and respect, we aim to help people live independently in their homes amid illnesses, disabilities, or injuries.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the leading provider of home health care services in North Carolina and surrounding areas. We wish for our services to be made known to the nation for its excellence in nurturing optimal health and fostering independence of clients in the comfort of their residences. We aim to help improve people’s quality of life by providing them with high-quality care and physical and emotional comfort.

Core Values

  • Beneficial: We aim to leave a positive impact on the lives of our clients by helping them and providing them quality care services.
  • Respect: We believe that one of the foundations of good client relations and excellent services is respect. We respect all our clients and employees regardless of race, religion, social or economic status, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
  • Openness: We listen to our client’s concerns and suggestions. We sympathize and give our understanding of their condition/s.
  • Accountability: We build trust by making and keeping our commitments. We are held accountable for the results of our actions.
  • Dignity: We honor and respect our clients and employees just as much as we do to our parents and families.
  • Leadership: We are visionary leaders fueled by inspiration and dedication to deliver effective quality care services at the comfort of your homes.
  • Integrity: Our team has strong moral principles to establish trust and loyalty among clients. We strive to do what is right for our patients and employees.
  • Guided: We are guided by medical professionals throughout our service.
  • Healing: We make sure to boost our clients’ overall health and well-being by providing specialized treatment plans to fit their needs.
  • Teamwork: We collaborate with our clients and their families in order to achieve the best results for the client.

To know more about us, please feel free to reach out to us through our online form or call us at 704-503-9696.