Helping Seniors while Promoting Their Independence

Helping Seniors while Promoting Their Independence

Most seniors want to remain as independent as they can, even when they need home health care in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, as their family member, you may find yourself wanting to help them with every little thing. While your intentions are good, this is not what your loved ones want. You may even become burnt out as a result.

Do not worry, though. You can still show your support to your loved ones while helping them preserve their independence. Here are some useful tips from our home care agency:

  • Do not jump in to assist them right away.
    When you observe your loved ones needing help with a certain task once, you may assume they will always need assistance. However, it could have just been that one time. Before you jump in to save them, take a minute to observe if they can handle it on their own first.
  • Concentrate on their capabilities.
    Allow your senior loved ones to keep doing as many activities on their own as possible. This does wonders for their self-esteem. Focus on tasks that your loved ones can still do or adjust some activities to make them easier. For example, you can ask them to help with meal preparation while you do the actual cooking.
  • Encourage them to rethink their idea of help.
    Help your loved ones see that getting assistance can give them more time for other things, such as doing their hobbies or spending time with the people they care about. When you or a companion sitter offers them help, they can actually stay independent and safe.

Are you looking for senior care in North Carolina that can promote your loved ones’ independence? You can rely on our team at Broadlight Health! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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