Ways to Help Your Aging Loved Ones Control Diabetes

Ways to Help Your Aging Loved Ones Control Diabetes

Do you have loved ones who have diabetes in their old age? Help them control their condition through the following ways:

  • Accompany them to their doctor or healthcare team.
    Make sure that your senior family members are attending their health appointments. Accompanying them will ensure that you know the state of their current conditions. If you are unavailable, a companion sitter can keep them company instead.
  • Address their nutritional needs.
    Your senior loved ones will surely have strict dietary guidelines to follow. After all, certain types of food can raise their blood sugar levels. Help them in shopping for and preparing nutritious and diabetic-friendly meals.
  • Assist them with proper medication intake.
    When the doctor prescribes diabetes medications to your loved ones, be sure to remind them regularly about their med intake. An in-home aide can also assist them in taking their meds.
  • Check their feet regularly.
    Diabetic feet are vulnerable to complications. Check your loved ones’ feet for bruises and wounds if they cannot do so themselves. A provider of senior care in North Carolina can lend a hand if you are not around.

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