Easy Meal Planning by Preparing Ahead of Time

Easy Meal Planning by Preparing Ahead of Time

One of the significant aspects of home care is meal preparation. It is needed to sustain the health and wellness of our seniors and is essential for the absorption of nutrients and healing they get from medications and medical treatments.

What measures should a provider of senior care in North Carolina do to make meal preparations easy? Follow our tips below:

  • Create a weekly meal plan
    We know how hard it is to think of dishes to cook, right? So making a list of nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at least two snacks will be convenient. Planning what to eat will give caregivers enough time for other tasks.
  • Shop ahead for ingredients you need
    Since you already have a plan for the week, you can now buy ingredients and store them inside the fridge. You can shop at least twice a week, depending on the shelf life of the stuff you need.
  • Cut your ingredients ahead of time
    You can chop and slice items ahead of time as long as you will keep them in zip locks or dry containers to prevent them from spoiling. It will make cooking for a companion sitter easier because he or she can readily pop them up in the pan.

When you need assistance and home health care in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can count on us at Broadlight Health. Our trained staff can provide you services not only in meal planning but also in nursing and personal care. Call us at 704-280-8384 now.

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